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very green bouquet with a little touch of yellow
Ask a French Flowers bouquet in Bangkok

Eat Bangkok

Eat Bangkok like it was the best dish ever, eat Bangkok like there was no tomorrow. 

To me Thailand’s capital city is also Asia’s capital for food. 

Here I have tried the most surprising things ever. At high end restaurants but also and mostly in the street. The choice is never ending, and so is the appetite.

Number one, you need a place to stay. My favorite spot is in Soi Nana/Chinatown. The street is always bustling, but you’re not here to sleep, you’re here to play 🙂
In an original shophouse, just above “El Chiringuito” owned by Pupe and Victor, there’s the most charming vintage style Airbnb, also owned and renovated by the Thai-Spanish couple.
This is like a second home to me, and in a busy city like Bangkok, you’d certainly need a shelter where you can feel like home.
Only 15 minutes drive to the Pak Klong Talat Flower Market, it’s a good location for flower lovers. You can find large varieties and your apetite for making your own bouquets is also satisfied. 
If you’d rather go to a florist, still in Soi Nana, Oneday Wallflowers florals/coffeeshop/bar will make sure you walk out with the most Whimsical arrangement.

First, Breakfast

On your way to the Grand Palace or the Reclining Buddha, stop by On Lok Yun for an old school Thai-American brunch and a milk tea fix. Chinese sausages with scrambled eggs or “French toasts” with sweetened condensed milk, you’d be surprised by how good this can be.

Decided to go to Chatuchak market on the weekend? Head to Green Chilli in section 2. Farm to table delights like organic brown rice, Ho Mok Pla (coconut fish curry pâté) and Roselle juice to give you the energy you need for your shopping spree.
Read my review in French for Le Fooding x Voyageurs du monde.

And if you like Khao Soi, you’ll find my favorite Northern Thai soup at Khao Soi Silom. Yum those extra crispy yellow egg noodles! Sweet.

Khao Soi silom

Time for coffee and madeleine!

I’m always amazed by Bangkok’s coffeeshop’s scene. Their aesthetics and the quality of their pastries. 

My fav of the moment is Pollen. Not because it has a name related to flowers, but only because they have the cutest and delicious madeleines.

Alex & Beth, just 10 minutes walk from Pollen blooms for the most tastefully styled. 


What would be a trip to Thailand without Pad Thai! THE Institution is called Thip samai and is neighbor to Raan Jay Fai, or how a 70 year old street food queen won a Michelin star with the best crab glass noodles in town. You can hear more about it here (still in French :-).
For a true street food experience, head back to Chinatown/Yaorawat. Jek Pui has been serving yellow style Kaeng Karii for 5 decades on Mangkorn Road. You can’t miss the curry cart and the red plastic stools along the sidewalk. No tables here, just your laps!
If you prefer to swing on the gastronomic side, Indian molecular Gagaan (still number 1 in Asia’s 50 best) is a must, and the recently opened “Gaa” just opposite, helmed by Lady Chef Garima Arora wins my heart : “We tap into techniques from around the world and apply it to locally sourced ingredients to create something uniquely ours. Everything we serve our guests is homemade, freshly prepared on the same day and created with immense thought and care.” 
And this is served with a poetic twist, underneath a Michelin star. 
Dessert wise, I was blown away by Pastry Chef Arisara ‘Paper’ Chongphanitkul at Saawaan for her Thong Ampai Pumpkin & Chonburi Coconut.

Play Bangkok

Let the music play at Tep Bar! Traditional live music in a beautiful decor. Think marble, mosaics and golden walls. You’ll loose yourself in aphrodisiac herbal cocktail… and have silkworms as a snack (Yes that can be chic!).

Soi Nana (still) is where you’ll go Between The Bars and continue full on Gin at ToT (Teens of Thailand) or sink your sorrows at their sister Asia Today!

Love Bangkok

If I had to choose one color for my last visit to Bangkok, it would be blue. 

Blue like the “Forget me not” flower.

Bleu like this song by Keren Ann.

Blue like the color of my Airbnb.

Blue like the atmosphere at On Lok Yun.

Blue like the jeans I always wore there.

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