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"Ask a French - Flowers" bouquet from Hong Kong Flower Market in Kowloon

Love Hong Kong

A relaxing week-end experience in bustling Hong Kong? A possible reprieve. 

Chill out on cute coffee-shop terraces, eat at affordable trendy restaurants and go shopping in a not too crowded heritage building in Sheung Wan.

Or time travel back in the 1920’s in Wanchai’s emblematic Blue House. 

Oh, and 30 minutes away from downtown is the strikingly beautiful Shek-O beach. Where white sand and sunbeds await you… Hear the sound of the waves already?

Eat, shop, drink in Sheung Wan

Chill out & Eat

Lof10 Tucked in a residential area, this beautiful and peaceful coffee shop carries this mantra : “Love what you do often” (lof10). That’s one good reason to go. The owners studied in UCLA and there’s a kind of west coast vibe in here. Second reason to go, coffee is awesome. Go early though as there’s only a few seats and a big table to share. They serve breakfast all day and dishes like korean cold noodles. Ask for their homemade lemonade if you already had your coffee.

Teakha A little tea and cake shop where to enjoy a cuppa, cakes or brunch in a homey atmosphere. The owner Nana Chan, a former corporate lawyer has decided to follow her intuition and “see the world through a cup of tea”. Ask for the Hojicha Cheese cake. For a moment you won’t be able to distinguish tea from coffee, a delicate and puzzling pastry.

Wooo eye candy, At Halfway Coffee you’ll find the prettiest latte in Chinese vintage cup. And the the most “branché” crowd in town.

What would be a trip to Hong Kong without Dim Sum… Choose to go classic at Dim Sum Square or fusion at Man Mo Café. But first, visit the Man Mo temple area to catch a glimpse of authentic Honk Kong. And stop by the 100 year old “Yuan Heng Spice Co” shop to get your Sichuan pepper fix.

Dim Sum Square The long queue lets you guess how good the food is. It’s better to avoid rush hours but anyway it’s worth waiting. I wouldn’t go for the xiao long bao here but more for the steamed rice rolls and the hakaos. They’re nearly perfect.

Manmo Café Another bad attempt at making fusion food? No no no feel reassured, one of the chefs used to work at Din Tai Fung, so the xiao long bao is delicious, even more with foie gras in it. And the ratatouille dumpling is good, if you like ratatouille.


PMQ This former “Private Marine Quarter” (meaning home to married junior police officers), and former government school is now a creative hub housing local design talents among coffee shops and restaurants. the residential building was revamped into shops and studios for exhibitions. There’s “the taste library”, a library dedicated to food and lifestyle (fifth floor) and Sohofama at the basement, a chinese comfort food restaurant (healthy and organic).

You could spend hours exploring the dozens and dozens of curiosities at PMQ.

Drink up

001 – Hidden Speakeasy at Central Wet Market In Hong Kong, I couldn’t help thinking about the atmosphere in Johnny To’s movies, and where to feel it. A deserted wet market at night? that’s close to it… A speakeasy behind a stall with a hidden door bell, that’s it, that would be my favourite bar. On top of that, it’s cosy.
Ask for their signature cocktail, the Earl Grey Martini.


This eclectic neighborhood, famous thanks to the renowned book and movie “The world of Suzie Wong”, is part a red light district, part a heritage building area where trendy shops have recently settled. The wet market, the Yuk Hui Kung Temple and The 1922 Blue House are worth the visit. The latter houses the Hong Kong House of Stories, where a local community collects antiques and records old stories. They organize Cultural tours to discover interesting places in old Wanchai.

Shek O beach

The route to Shek-O beach itself is worth the journey. Driving between the hills makes you realise how green and diverse Hong Kong Island is. Then the little village of Shek-O with its temple, colourful houses and little restaurants make you feel like you’re hours away from the city. After getting lost in the narrow streets, head to the beach and choose the sunbed where you’ll spend hours watching the surfers trying to catch a wave.

Fell for Macau

Macau, gambling hell? Let me take you to a breathing space away from the casinos.

Just an hour ferry away from Hong Kong, Coloane area with Saint Paul’ ruins and Guia lighthouse offers charming impressions of the Portuguese colonial past, but Taipa village wins my heart. Get lost in the narrow streets and for a minute you’ll be like “Is it Lisbon? Is it China?” Well, it’s both at the same time and this unique combination is simply exquisite.

Start your day with a visit to the 160 year old Pak Tai Temple for an exhilarating dose of Taoism. 

Relax among local hipsters and get a view from the cutest coffeeshop “Rooftopmacau” before catching a glimpse of the latest Macanese artist exhibition at the “Art Space”. 

Eat raw and eat well at the vegeterian “Blissful carrot” before grabbing (Asia’s? The world’s?) best Pasteis de Nata at the legendary first Lord Stow’s bakery.

Magic, you’ll still have time to watch the sun set on Macau from the Guia Lighthouse, just a bridge away.


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